Design office

The advantage of Bretim is the possession of its own, efficient and highly qualified design office, which works with you and executes your projects in the best possible conditions.


A four-person team, who works in close collaboration with your technical department in order to draw up specifications that correspond to your needs and respect national and international norms. A team who comes directly to your company to present to you the 3D drawings of the facilities.

The design office is present in each step of your project, from the preliminary study to the design work, and also during the follow-up of the implementation and the drafting of technical information for your employees.


ABy using innovative CAD (computer aided design) software:

  • AutoCad, Mechanical Desktop

  • Inventor

All the technical installations are drawn in 3D, in order to guarantee a hygienic design adapted to the needs of the final customer.

For which results?

  • Convenience of implementation
  • Bulk forecast andconsideration of the future extensions
  • Development of your facilities in collaboration with your technical and production department